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The Role of RC Transmitter in RC Hobby

RC Transmitter

RC Transmitter in RC HobbyThe first radio control systems used a narrow band for communication. Narrow band here refers to the amount of space utilized by the signal within a particular frequency. Today, radio control systems employed relatively low frequency for communication. However, a careful channel management has provided the ability to improve the RC transmitter and its variants for over a decade. Such a possibility makes it easy for the user of the RC toy to communicate without any glitch, despite operating in the same frequency.

The technology

The regular 2.4 GHz radio control systems fall under the direct sequence spread spectrum. Under this spectrum, both the transmitter and the receiver stay within the prescribed limit in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The next technology is frequency hopping spread spectrum. Under this, both the receiver and the transmitter change their frequencies within the allotted units in the same group. The advancement in the communication technology has helped manufacturers to come up with RC hobbies that are more responsive and free from glitches.

Nil interference!

The spectrum technology has made it possible for RC transmitter to reduce interference and produce several radios simultaneously without the requirement of a frequency peg. The deal here is the range of the signal thinly within the 2.4 GHz band. The hopping spread spectrum helps the signals to jump around among the movie’s target to reduce or eliminate interference. However, there is a possibility for the direct sequence spread spectrum lockout if the interfering signal is active. As most of the owners operate with less interference signal, such a possibility is eliminated.

The selection

RC transmitter is available in a wide range. Reputable manufacturers understand the need of the user and offer a broad range of transmitters that allow communication with toys with reduced interference. RC toys are utilizing the 2.4 GHz spectrum also has the advantage of diversity. Diversity is necessary at such a high spectrum because the signals behave differently in comparison to low frequencies, such as at 72 MHz. It is crucial to select an appropriate transmitter that functions efficiently in establishing a perfect communication with the toy.


The 2.4 GHz spectrum is light. Therefore, there is a reduction in the omission of a signal when the receiver or transmitter antenna has a shielding. However, the narrowband frequency is capable of penetrating through objects such as fences, houses, trees and model airplanes. The only solution to overcome the multi-pathing effect is by adding additional antenna to the receiver. The addition of receivers or and enhance at several locations makes it possible to establish a good communication system.

The RC transmitter has an important role in establishing communication in RC hobby. Understanding the ability of communication and the limitations within a particular spectrum will be helpful for the buyer to look the available options at the stores. Visiting a nearby RC store or browsing the web will be helpful in gaining information about the available communications, their functionality and usage in establishing communication with RC products.


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