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The Beauty of Remote Control Jets


Remote Control JetsMake remote control jets flying your hobby

Many people would consider flying remote control jets as very easy and simple. Many may consider it as a toy which can just fly around like a real jet, however do you know that annually worldwide competitions are held for the RC jets? Just like any other jets, these are jets too with turbine just smaller in size and are controlled by the radio signals between the jet and the controller. In order to fly this amazing beauty with perfection one needs some experience and also some guidance with the help of an expert or a professional teacher. For those who are completely new to this hobby should go forward for the jet which has comparatively lesser speed and this should only be for the practice, later one can upgrade.

Types of jets

The remote control jets are expensive and one should not fly it indoors otherwise it will damage your jet and also your walls and furniture. To fly this beauty, one should need an open space, a place which should have the minimum amount of trees and cable poles, somewhere in open. If one can see these remote controlled jets competitions, they can see how they are flown in an open area which doesn’t have any obstructions. There are three kinds of remote controlled jets available that is Pusher jets, ducted fan jets and Turbine jets. The Pusher Jets are slower in speed as compared to both and is designed especially for beginners. The ducted fan used a multi blade fan which operates the internal duct giving power to the jet’s engine enabling it to fly; it can give around 20000 RPM or even more than that. One of the best remote controlled jet in the duct fan jets category is the MegaTech A 7 Tornado 2 which has low drag stator blade design and gives a speed of 25mph making it one of the most innovative jets. This jets also lands easily on the ground without any problem.

The turbine jets for professional

Those who have experience and know how to control their remote control jets can go for the Turbine jets. These jets are like actual jets which can go extremely fast with speed of more than 300 mph. They are very expensive and also burn the jet fuel. They may need some fuel in the engine while the others need electrical motor to run. In the big competition, these turbine jets are used because of their high speed and originality close to the actual jets. People who want to get their hands on this amazing beauty and make it their hobby should first begin with the pusher just in order to gain some experience and control of the jet and then move towards the turbine. The use of turbine in jet is a best source of knowledge or information. It is a kind of product that brings best services and help for others.



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